Posted by: sbarrett | 2010.08.01

Its not dinner, but…

I know this isn’t dinner, but it turned out good. My girls like yogurt. However, they didn’t finish this tub I had. It was one of those large ones, that serve about 20 people. Almost full and no-one wanted any. What to do? Make ice cream!

I dumped the tub in the freezer, added some cream, a few tablespoons sugar and started cranking. Like i said before, seat of my pants. It seemed to freeze pretty quick, and in 10 minutes it was ready for add-ins. We put in some blueberries and cherries and chocolate chips (semi sweet of course).

It was great! Nice and smooth. Creamy. And real fruity. Semi healthy, I guess, I mean it was low fat yogurt and used fresh Michigan fruit. I snuck a little too 🙂

Go cook something!

Posted by: sbarrett | 2010.07.31

I know… no dinner again 7-31

It looks like I’m slacking, doesn’t it?  I was at my parents, visiting with the grandkids.  Its not my fault… they offered dinner.  I couldn’t refuse.  Maybe tomorrow we can cook?

Posted by: sbarrett | 2010.07.31

No dinner on the 30th

Today I was travelling a bit, and I really didn’t make anything.  No picture to report.  I did snack a little… oops.  The best I had was fresh popcorn at movie time with my girls.

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