I am what I am…

I’m just an average guy with too little time on his hands for all that needs to be done.  In my spare time I enjoy cars, photography, technology, food, wine, and beer and winemaking.

I have two wonderful children who take up most of my time.  That is, the time that is not spent at work or sleeping.  Usually I’m picking up after them.

Although I have not driven it recently, I have a 1987 Buick Grand National that I start up periodically and have always enjoyed working on it. It is showing its age, but still runs just fine.  Like so many GN’s, the paint is in bad shape.  The factory that made them was on its last legs, and this was the last car through the factory.  It had not been updated in quite a while, so the equipment and paint technology was old.  Hence, the finish is going.  One of these days, when I win the lottery, I’ll get it painted.  Maybe I should buy a ticket once and a while, huh?

My camera of choice right now is a Pentax K10D.  I used to shoot a film slr, and finally having a digital, I’m loving it all over again.  It just feels great in my hands.  The weight… the size… the inertia…  Mind you, I’m not great, but I try real hard.  I love taking shots of my kids in ways that are different – other than standing in front of them and taking a picture down at them.   I’m that crazy guy that is laying on the grass looking up at them.  Standing on chairs, climbing trees, whatever…  I like the pictures to be different.  To show some emotion.  To show the world from someone elses vantage point, not just mine, as the adult standing in front of my kids when they are smiling.  My favorites are when you are in real close to their face to almost feel their emotion, can feel the breath on your skin.   I have a few lenses, and try to fit the lenses I get to the photographs I enjoy.

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