Posted by: sbarrett | 2010.07.29

something new…

I’m gonna try something new.  A way to maybe force me to jot some junk here on the blog… maybe.  Each day I’m gonna shoot a couple of pictures and write about what I made for dinner.  Hey, stop rolling your eyes!  I enjoy cooking, I enjoy taking pictures, I enjoy eating (if you know me, you are laughing in agreement right now).  I hope this forces me to think about what I’m putting in my mouth, as I need to cut a few pounds, stop eating so much junk and eat a healthier, better variety of food.

Some ground rules…

  • This is not a photo contest!  Please don’t criticize my pictures.  Although if this gets interesting, I may set up some strobes and get out the big gun… right now these are coming off my phone.  Ignore the blurry, out of focus, bad white balance, inconsistent pictures, and look at them for what they are…. uhhh… nevermind.
  • I’m not a chef.  I have never been trained in culinary arts.  I can barely read a cookbook (when I’m cooking, that is).  I like to fly by the seat of my pants, putting together what I find, what I have, and what sounds good.  Sometimes I’m wrong.  Ok, maybe 30-40% of the time.  About 90% of the time its edible though, and I consider that outstanding in any effort.

I hope you all can learn something from this.  Even if its only what not to cook.


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