Posted by: sbarrett | 2010.07.29

2010-07-29 – Dinner

Here is my first one.

The grocery store had chicken breasts on sale recently.  Since I’m stocking up a new kitchen, I got a few packages.  As I looked around, I saw that I had a bunch of fresh herbs from my garden.  HHhhmmmm……. OK.  Here it goes.

Get some half n half (butter and olive oil) going in the pan.  Smash in some salt, pepper, thyme,  rosemary and garlic on the chicken pieces.  Get them cooking in the pan.

In the meantime, I had some fresh spinach in the fridge.  I tore that into a bowl, added a 3 cheese blend I made up, a tomato from the farmers market… oh and a lemon cuke that was from the market too.  (I love the market.  Often, you can find the “less attractive” veggies for great prices.  I got these for a quarter each.  I also find that the less attractive they are, the better their flavor is).    I have some stuffed peppers in the fridge, hot ones, with ham and provolone stuffing.  YUM!  I gotta get them eaten up, as they have been in the fridge for a while and are getting HOT!  Yes, those are cherries on the top too.  They were on sale at the grocery store.  I love Michigan fruit!

The chicken is done.  I needed to zest it up a bit, so I had a lemon that was just this side of bad, so I cut it in half and squeezed some of it on top of the chicken.  BAM!! as they say.  Well, maybe they don’t say that anymore.

A quick microwave of some leftover peas and corn in the fridge, and its done!  From start to finish, about 20 minutes.

The wine… Another sale item.  Kroger here had a big closeout sale on wines that were getting past their prime.  What the hell… I’m not a gourmet!  This was a 2005 California Shiraz by Twin Fin..  Ok, whatever.  I put it in the fridge to give it a bit of a chill.  Its hot here, and my apartment has a west exposure.  I’m almost blind when I look out the window in the evening.

What do you think?  Is this ok?  I know… I’m so cheap!

(addendum… what a dork, commenting on his own post.  I just wanted to add that the salad would have been better with either the peppers OR the cherries.  NOT both.  Live and learn)


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