Posted by: sbarrett | 2009.10.08

An interesting look at new technology

I was listening to TWiT while mowing the lawn today. Show 209, specifically. Om Malik was one of the guests and he said a line that I thought rang true. The panel was discussing how the internet has changed things and where it may be going next. What he said was that Bandwidth is the next processor. I take that to mean that we have so much computing power at our fingertips, that it really doesn’t matter anymore. If we need more, a quick trip to the computer store and a few hundred dollars, and we can increase our capacity by a factor of 10. What we do with that power, is where the future lies.

Om discusses how major shifts in the things we do occur when we have a large change in bandwidth available to us. We have gone from 300 baud dial up to 20 megabaud fiber in the house. This has taken us from simple text based bulletin boards (yes, I am old enough to remember these) to our current online gaming systems.

I think he may be right. As bandwith availability went up, we got things like more use of active content, more media on web sites, Skype, Blogs, Podcasts, and video on demand. These all owe their existence to bandwitdh increases.

What is the next big thing going to be? I don’t know. I am sure it will involve networking though. We have become too connected to give it up. Not only are the networks that come into our house getting faster, but the wireless ones that are servicing our phones are getting faster too. This here is my 1st post from my iPhone over 3g wireless. It’s pretty snappy and I can edit on the fly when I have a little time on my hands. So convenient.


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