Posted by: sbarrett | 2008.12.28

Fast 50

Well I am looking for a new lens.  Pentax glass is pretty great stuff and having a Pentax camera means I can use pretty much anything that had been made to fit their cameras for the past 40 years.  The past week  I had some opportunities to shoot a few pix in lower light – like this one…


and man, shooting this with a 4.5 zoom is tough.  Yeah, that had the flash fired to take the shot, but it was hard to focus. 

I have my sights on either generation (F or FA series) and preferably the 1.4, but the 1.7 sees to take great shots and is well regarded.  The 1.7 is more consistently sharp across the aperture range than the 1.4, however this difference is negligable over 2.8.  I could use the older A series or even a screw mount SMC Takumar (HIGHLY regarded lens, by the way), however, since much of my subjects are my children, the autofocus is pretty much a requirement.


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