Posted by: sbarrett | 2008.09.06

Bees Disappearing?

I keep hearing of the issue of bees disappearing.  I am not sure what it is from.  Some have called it the increased use of wireless devices, some call it global warming.  Whatever it is, there is lots of concern over it having a devastating effect on agriculture. After today, I am not sure there is an issue, as they all seem to be in my backyard.  Man, everywhere I go, I am followed by bees.  It may be my garden, the flowers in the back yard, or others gardens and flowers, but they are everywhere.  I have one of those backyard steel gazebos with our patio set under it.  While out mowing, I decided to push up on the top as some water pooled on the canvas.   Out popped about 30 bees!  Gave me the heebee geebies!  I got rid of those guys before they knew why they were disturbed.  Just flicked them.  I think they were still waking up, as they were quite disoriented.  Anyway, if you need bees, send me an e-mail.  Maybe we can work something out.


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