Posted by: sbarrett | 2008.08.19

Protect Yourself!!

Here is an interesting post on privacy and security.  It shows how vulnerable our online data is and how easy it would be to gather info on someone and trash their lives.  Two years ago I fell victim to an ebay member who hijacked my account and bought over $1000 dollars of “gold” for World of Warcraft.  I just happened to go online before work and check my e-mail – I was waiting for a message from a friend of mine.  I saw about 14 messages asking for payment.  I thought this is wierd, must be a spam message, but it didn’t sit well with me.  I logged into my ebay and paypal account and sure enough, it was tarnished.

I immediately went into action and froze those accounts online, changed passwords and numbers, alerted my bank and froze paypal payments using that as a source, alerted my credit card company (I got a new card/number) and called the credit bureaus.  They asked for reports and such, which I forwarded.  Not sure what if anything became of the individual, as I actually got a name and address from one of the sellers, which was also forwarded to the credit card company.  Most of the sellers were understanding, however to this day I get messages from some of them in my spam folder.

Word to the wise – DON”T post personal information!!


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