Posted by: sbarrett | 2008.07.29

Slow and smooth

We recently did some more work with the Silhouette and I just wanted to post a few tips.  Item 1 and most important, try to keep the paper consistent.  Having many types of paper seems to make it confusing to use.  The paper will cut differently, depending on its hardness, if it is coated, if it is multiple layers and its thickness.  Many at Paperthreads recommend Worldwin Colormates.  They do seem to cut just fine, however many others do as well, I just don’t know what they are.  Lots of people use Bazzil papers for scrapbooking as they do have nice papers with a nice feel to them.  However, their paper is right at the edge of the capabilities of the machine.  Often you have to push hard and cut in multiple passes.  this can lead to tearing or missed cuts, as the paper will move or the cutting head will bunch up and the blade will not actually make the cut where it is supposed to.

Another tip is to GO SLOW!!  When cutting fast, often the paper can tear in the tight areas of the cuts.  This will help.  Or the paper will move on the mat, as the blade is pushing rather than cutting.  On ours, the machine will grind sometimes in tight moves, and I believe it is the machine skipping a beat and not making the move correctly.  Going slower will help this too.

Just some thoughts…


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