Posted by: sbarrett | 2008.07.25

Lime Thyme Chicken

Well, I did another grill roasted chicken.  This time, the store did not have good looking lemons, so I got a bag of Key Limes.  I cut a couple of limes in half and stuffed them inside the chicken cavity, along with some salt, pepper, garlic, thyme and sage.  I also put some slices of lime with the same herbs and spices under the skin around the bird.  Again, this went on top of a half can of chicken broth, in a roasting pan and on the grill with some savory herb pellets from BBQers Delight.  I set the grill on a low to medium heat, stuck the thermometer in it and forgot about it until it beeped (Its a remote thermometer with alarm for reaching temperature.  GREAT!!).  I actually was working on my bathroom remodel and got most of it done when the bird got finished.

Man, I love slow cooking!

edit – fixed web link address (8/7/08 )


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