Posted by: sbarrett | 2008.05.27

Photography Thoughts

I had a thought about photography last night as I was getting ready for bed.  I was thinking about the past holiday weekend and about the shots I took of my kids at the park, in the backyard, and elsewhere.  I thought about how I needed to be away from the action to get the nice action shots.  I needed to be away from them to get their true expressions.  I needed to distance myself to make my photos become closer to what and who they are.  It came to me that to capture the moment, you can’t be part of the moment.   You have to focus on the camera, the poses, the technical aspects of the image capture, what you are focusing on, depth of field, shutter speed, lighting, shadows, and so on.  You almost cannot take the time to enjoy what is happening.  In a way, this is almost hurtful, as you have to experience what happened after the fact. 

Just an observation…



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