Posted by: sbarrett | 2008.05.27

Just desserts

Lately we have been enjoying the bounty in the grocery store and having lots of fruit.  One great way is to chocolate cover everything.  It is amazing, but chocolate covered fruit always looks so extravagant, but really it is not too bad.  Just wash and cut up whatever you have on hand or is on sale – strawberries, oranges (great), apples (pears are not too good – can’t stand up to the chocolate), bananas, blackberries, blueberries, whatever!  The apples, pears, bananas I usually dip in lemon water prior to drying and dipping. The others are just washed and dried.  If they are not dry, the chocolate will not stick too good. 

I am partial to dark chocolate, but if you like milk, go for it.  Just melt the chips in the microwave carefully.  It is easy to burn the chocolate.  Do it in 30sec to 1 min shots.  Recently we melted down the leftovers from Easter.  A much better way to enjoy that chocolate.  Anyway, the small fruit, you can use a fork for if you don’t want to get fingers dirty.  However, I think that part of the fun is licking off your fingers.  Just dip the fruit and put it on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper.  When your fruit is all covered, put the tray in a cool place or in the fridge.  If in the fridge, be sure to take the fruit out a bit prior to eating, as if the fruit and chocolate is too cold, it will not be as good.  Just let it come up to room temp prior to serving.  Your guests will think you are a genius!


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