Posted by: sbarrett | 2008.01.17

Word Font Macro

Word Font Listing Macro

I am posting this just because I thought some others may wish to use it.  If you have questions, feel free to send them, and I can help where I can.  I don’t do requests tho…

 Here is a macro that runs in Microsoft Word that will generate what I think is a nice clean layout for the fonts loaded into your current system.  I just did not like the way the printouts looked from the other font managers, nor did I like the output of the basic font macros out there.  I took pieces of all of these and made my own.  I wish I could credit the people whos work I copied, however I did not keep track of them.

The way I have used it is this.  Currently I have a folder called fonts.  Inside that I have folders for different categories of fonts – Serif, Sans Serif, Decorative, Script, Graphic, and I am sure you could list more.  I only have a few fonts loaded in my base system to keep the computer running as efficiently as possible.  To be able to use the fonts in these categories, I use a program called FontFrenzy (  Not only is it a good font manager, but it allows you to set a snapshot of what your system looks like when it is clean, or when you have certain fonts open.  That way, you can get back to a clean system, or a certain group of fonts loaded all with a few clicks.

Anyway, how I would use this combo is to load font frenzy, and click the fontman button at the top of the screen.  I then selected the view fonts in a folder button.  I then picked the folder I wanted to check out.  As it happens, to be able to view the fonts, they must be loaded.  Once loaded, they are able to be used in other programs.  Cool!  I then load Word, and then run my macro.  This will prompt you to enter a title and a point size for your samples.  After it is done running, you can print this out, or what I did was use CutePDF to make a PDF file for later viewing.  Otherwise, you will have to do the same font frenzy steps to get a view, as the fonts are not loaded for word to use it.  When this was done, I could close word and Font Frenzy and the system has not been disturbed.  I can then use the PDF to pick fonts for use or make a printout to allow choosing fonts away from the computer.


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