Posted by: sbarrett | 2008.01.05

Ugly incident with a bird

Over Christmas I decided to cook a turkey purchased at Thanksgiving time.  I did some reading and found out that there is a speed method to defrost a turkey, involving submerging it in water.  I have never done this and, since I did not want to have this sucker taking up most of my fridge space, I figured I would try it.  I got a big bird.  It was 23 lbs.  WHAT!!  Well, I figure if I am going to mess with a turkey, why get a 12-15 lb-er.  The mess is still the same, whether it is small or big.  And besides, at Thanksgiving it is cheap – the thing only cost $10. 

 So off I go.  I put the bird in a big Rubbermaid tub, put it in the garage and submerged it in water.  By the instructions and what I found on the ‘net it should be defrosted in about 12 hours.  Cool – I can get it in the oven about 11:00 or so and it will be ready great for dinner.  Well…..  I get the bird out of the water and although the outside is defrosted fine, that only lasts up to the core cavity.  It is still frozen solid!  SHIT – what now.  Well, I tried running it under water to get the pieces parts out of the middle – no go.  I pulled like a son of a gun too – no go.  SHIT – its now 12:30.  I need to get this in the oven!

 Well, I have heard of people piecing a turkey and cooking it in the oven that way.  This is what I did.  I have never carved a turkey PRIOR to being cooked before.  Man, that was an adventure.  I cut it up, put the herb mixture under the skin, buttered it up and put it in two pans and in the oven.

Then I took the pieces that were leftover (bones, baggie of parts)  and put them in a big pot of water to make broth.  Looking over the mess, man what an adventure this is…

Whew – time to clean up.  By the time that was all put away, in the dishwasher, scraps in the garbage, and all things wiped down, wings were done.  GEEZ!  I get no break?  Took them out (had to try it – yum!!)  let them cool and deboned that meat.  Throw the bonz in with the rest of the stuff.  Now the thighs were done.  Same there – cool, debone, taste, make broth, clean up.  Then the legs, then the breasts.  Clean up again, this time with the roasting pans.  Now the broth needed to be processed – pulled the bones, picked the remaining meat and cleaned up everything again.  Man, what an ordeal.

 I put the broth in the garage to cool and let the fat settle out.  I’ll process that in the morning.  So I took all the meat leftover from the meal and vac bagged it.  I got 4 nice bags from it, dinner for that night and two more, plus a pile of turkey salad for sandwiches. 

Overall it was lots of work (unexpected work at that), but it made a nice pile of dinners for us. 

I just thought I would share…



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