Posted by: sbarrett | 2008.01.05

New projects

My wife is into scrapbooking and papercrafting.  It is a pretty neat hobby, as she has made some great looking cards, decorations for the kids parties, pages for memory books, and things everywhere.  She is pretty creative and has a good vision for these things.  I am not sure who has more tools now, her or me.  We just ordered a new item that will expand her repertoire, a Silhouette computer operated die cutting machine.  She has a manual item, the Squeeze (see above link).  Although it is neat, and makes really nice cuts, it is costly, as each die has a cost, as do the alphabets.  And to do anything new, it takes a new die set.  Yeah, you can get them on e-bay and can sometimes use a coupon, but it does get costly.

 Anyway, this new one is a pretty neat device.  Essentially it is a ink jet printer, however instead of ink sprayers, it controls a knife blade.  For those of you in the manufacturing world, it is like a little CNC machine, only for paper, and only 2 axes of control.  It runs off a computer and allows use of your entire font library, and you can use purchased and free downloaded pictures.  You can compose your own items too, and just cut them as you wish.

It has downfalls too, as the designs that you can purchase can get costly, plus everything you do will require some thought and time to get the way you want it.  However, that may not be all bad, as it may force one to think about the design more prior to doing it.

I am looking forward to getting it.  I think it will be a neat addition to her hobby and also be used for school items (the little ones are 2 and 5) and for holidays around the family.  I have started to gather tutorials from a few websites and have already found other designs that are posted on the net that others have made up.  Maybe there won’t actually be much else to purchase.  Oh, well,  I’ll post more thoughts after it arrives and we get to use it.


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