Posted by: sbarrett | 2006.08.01


How’s this sound for a meal… lightly seasoned, fire grilled chicken breasts, organic applesauce (from a blend of 4 apples), and oven roasted squash. Now, mind you, this is a sample of what we have for our youngest daughter. Not that we are exclusive eaters, but have you ever tasted baby food? Man, its NASTY! Yes, I wrote it to look like a gourmet meal. The squash is blended real smooth and the chicken and applesauce are blended together. However, we do use good, fresh ingredients and try to stay away from the chemicals and bad stuff. I guess if you would not eat it because it tastes bad, why feed it to your kids?

We did this with our older daughter too. I think that is part of what has made her not much of a picky eater. Short of a little fussyness about a year or so ago, we can pretty much put anything in front of her and she will eat. Yeah, sometimes there are hotdogs and mac and cheese meals and yes, she likes them too. However we have never had too much of the I don’t want that! stuff. She too has a wide variety of foods – veggies, fruit (she LOVEs her fruit – especially oranges), different meats and a few treats.

Even though it is a bit of work to make these things, I am proud that they are both healthy and like to spend time with the family at the dinner table.


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