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I know. I’ve been away. Too much traveling and not enough cooking. Here’s one to tide you over…

1 big azz tub of vanilla yogurt
1/2 cup cream
1/4 cup sugar
1/2 large container fresh strawberries-frozen
1 large kiwi- frozen

After the fruit is frozen, roughly chop it all in the food processor. Put it back in the freezer.

Dump the yogurt, cream, & sugar in a Donvier, or other ice cream machine. I like the hand crank, as you have to work for it a little. If you are privileged to have an electric machine, so be it.

Cover and crank till its about 80% done. Then add the fruit. For fun, I also added some diced cake pieces I saved from my daughters birthday cake. Continue cranking until it’s like soft serve. You don’t have to crank fast, but keep it moving.

I usually use yogurt when I make the ice cream. I like the little tang it adds and with a little cream, the texture is fantastic.

Go eat!

Posted by: sbarrett | 2010.08.06

Another quick dinner and salad – 2010-08-06

The wine: Fizz by L. Mawby from the Leelanau Peninsula.  Another one of the big batch of sale wines at the grocery store.

The salad: Torn fresh spinach, some garden tomatoes and lemon cucumber, diced peppers, shredded parmesan, black olives, fresh rosemary and basil from the garden. Dressed with the oil from the peppers, vinegar, a splash of lemon juice and fresh ground pepper.

The chicken: Chicken breast with caramelized onion, salt, pepper, garden fresh oregano, thyme and pineapple sage. Sautéed in half-n-half (olive oil and butter), and finished with a touch of lemon.

The squash: Again, from the garden, some yellow crookneck, with salt, pepper, and garden thyme. Splashed with lemon.

As you can see, I like to use my fresh garden items. This is a bit fancy, but it is all fresh stuff I had, and it only took about 20-25 minutes to put together.

Time to go take a nap….

Posted by: sbarrett | 2010.08.06

Lunch on friday. Im so bad

Sorry I haven’t put up any posts. I’ve been traveling and busy and sick. This is the first thing I have made since Sunday. I’m having lunch and I recently read this:

“May there never be a war between the nations of bacon and cheese, for I know not where my loyalties would lie…”

It made me want a BLT. So, what is someone to do, but make one! It’s on a sun dried tomato portuguese roll, and other than spinach instead of lettuce, its pretty traditional.

I loves my bacon, so when I get this down, I gotta go put the rest of the package away. If I don’t, I’ll just eat it all!

Go cook something for those you love!

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